This sector is increasingly focused on vertical integration as a way of ensuring traceability from farm to fork, in line with market demands

Meat and deli meats


The meat industry is the main agri-food sector in Catalonia, with turnover of €7 Bn. It represents 31% of turnover in the agri-food sector40% in employment and 18% in number of companies. 

This sector is increasingly focused on vertical integration as a way of ensuring traceability from farm to fork, in line with growing market demands.


Every year Catalonia produces more than two million tonnes of meat of all species: pork, beef, mutton, goat, horse, poultry and rabbit. 

Catalonia has consolidated its position as one of the most important production centres in Europe. In 2017 it was the second-largest producer in Europe and the tenth-largest pork producer in the world. It is also the top region of Spain for pig, cattle and poultry farming, and internationalisation is key to marketing its production.





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Catalonia is a large exporter of meat. Catalonia exports 51.53% in volume and 48.82% in value of the total meat exported by Spain and 22.56% in volume and 26.23% in value of the European Union. In processed products, the figures are as follows: Catalonia exports 50.98% in volume of Spain and 28.42% of Europe, and 51.62% in value and 34.3%, respectively. 

Indeed, 56% of the meat produced in Catalonia is sold on foreign markets, which, taking into account processed meats, accounts for €3.2 Bn, a coverage rate of more than 860%. Exports of meat and meat products to third countries has increased by 114% in value over the last 5 years, hitting €981 M in 2018. Pork accounts for 72% of both volume and value of meat exports.  

Furthermore, Catalonia has a long tradition of making ham and deli meats, both cured and cooked, with high quality and great variety. Catalonia exports of this products represents over 5% in volume and 10% in value of total exports. 




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