BIO week, the week that puts the public in touch with organic foods

Bio Week for organic food is an event that promotes and raises the profile of organic production among end consumers. The varied activities on the programme are proposed and organised by the individuals or entities that want to promote organic food.

What kind of activities are on offer?

Les activitats que conformen el programa de la Setmana Bio per l’alimentació ecològica estan agrupades en 5 famílies:

  1. Visits to organic operators: Arable and livestock farmers and organic product processors hold open days to demonstrate what they do and explain what the products they produce or process are and where they come from.
  2. Commercial activities: Organic shops and stands put on activities related to their products inside the retail outlet, such as presentations, promotions, tastings and others.
  3. Outreach activities: There is also a host of activities aimed at raising general awareness of the organic production system and product quality, as well as other related topics. These include workshops, talks, stands on organic production set up in libraries, documentary film screenings, etc.
  4. Gastronomy activities: One excellent way to learn about organic food is to eat it at a restaurant or a food event such as a cooking workshop or demo. Bio Week includes live cooking demos with chefs and restaurants that serve organic produce as a key part of their ingredients.
  5. School activities: Bio Week at schools is an annual celebration of organic production and food in schools all over Catalonia.

Who organises these activities?

Sector stakeholders organise the Bio Week organic food activities. That means activities can be organised by organic operators; relevant entities and organisations; local authorities; libraries; restaurants; retailers; supermarkets, and others.

Who can take part in the activities?

Anyone interested in learning about organic food and production can participate in the activities offered during the Bio Week for organic food.

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