Barcelona hosts the second Fine Food Business Forum, the big business event for multi-product companies from across Catalonia

Fine Food Business Forum 2018

Some 40 buyers from 16 non-EU countries will take part in negotiation rounds with Catalan companies from the Fine Food sector from 3 to 4 July at Barcelona’s Design Hub.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, working with Prodeca, and the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, working with ACCIÓ, present the 2nd Fine Food Business Forum, which this year will take place at the Barcelona Design Hub.

This event will put some 30 Catalan companies in direct contact with 40 importers from 16 third-country markets via a program of meetings and B2B interviews with a maximum duration of 20 minutes, which will follow a pre-established program provided in advance by the organizers.

The aim of the event is to generate networking opportunities through direct meetings to maximize the results in terms of commercial relationships and cooperation for Catalan multi-product companies in the agrifood sector.

The quick-fire interview format with importers facilitates commercial activities and streamlines relationships between companies and buyers, reducing costs.

Prodeca’s Managing Director, Ramon Sentmartí, will present the event, alongside Marta Amorós, Director of Catalonia’s Gourmet Cluster. Their keynote speeches will present Catalonia’s potential as a gastronomic and agrifood hub to international buyers, and provide an introduction to the Catalan companies that will be involved in the rounds of meetings taking place over the following 2 days.


Catalan companies participating: 

Aigua Sant Aniol, Alternativa3, Anxoves de l'Escala, Biosanare, Birba Biscuits, Bubo Barcelona, Cafès Novell, Cadí, Camara Arrocera Del Montsià, Coffee Center, Cudié, Espiga Blanca, Exquisitarium, Galetes Trias, Happy-Lab, Kombutxa, La Masrojana, Mi&Cu Gourmet, Migjorn, Nassari, Oleum Priorat, Organic Mediterranean, Paño Naturae, Pastes Sanmarti, Pastisart, Patatas Fritas Torres, Paul&Pippa, Priordei, Set&Ros, Torras, Torrons i Mel Alemany, Torrons Vicens, Vichy Catalan Corporation, Virginias 

Markets represented: 

  • America: Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Republica Dominicana and Chile 
  • Asia: Saudia Arabia, Azerbaijan, Korea, UAE, Geergia, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore and continental China.

Catalonia, a great exporter of Fine Food products. 

The Fine Food industry is one of Catalonia’s principal agrifood sectors, with an annual turnover of around €7,696M. Adding the turnover of the oils and fats industry gives a total of over €10,000M, which represents 44% of the food and beverage industry’s annual turnover. 

In terms of exports, Fine Food sector is the second-largest (27%), behind meat, led by the following categories: baked goods and pastries (10.21% of the total for Fine Food), cocoa and cocoa preparations (9.35%), cereals (8.41%), coffee (7.90%), extracts, essences and concentrates (6.96%), confectionery (6.39%), dairy products (4.54%), vegetable juices (3.39%), jams (3.05%), preparations for soups (2.96%), beer (2.87%), and fruit juices (2.50%). 

The multi-product sector comprises the following food categories: dairy products, honey, eggs, pastries, jams and sweets, coffee, tea, and herbal teas, sauces, ice cream, beer, water, fermented drinks, spirits, conserved vegetables, premium canned fish and seafood, vinegar, fruit products, fruit conserves, juices.

Exportació de productes Fine Food

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