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FINE FOOD BUSINESS FORUM is a business event with the participation of producers and exporters of fine food products from Catalonia, and importers and distributors of international markets.

The goal is to create a platform where the interests of all parties can come together to generate business flows.












Catalonia offers a range of gourmet products with the following values: tradition, craftsmanship, the quality of the land, innovation and exclusivity.

​​​In parallel, the food sector is also going through its own transformation, fuelled by new trends in consumption and, inevitably, the emergence of new technologies.

New technologies have also burst onto the sector through start-ups seeking to address consumers' concerns.

The multi-product or fine food sector enjoys distinct market positioning because of its added value. This entails higher quality, exclusive sales channels, sophisticated and distinctive packaging, and a unique story (origin, person, land).

Olive oil stands out in the fine food sector: it has its own council and therefore at Prodeca we handle it differently.


Infografia Fine food

Infografia fine food mobile




Catalunya, best European region for the future*

The agri-food sector is the largest of the Catalan economy and one of the most dynamic export sectors. The volume and value of its exports are growing year after year.

Catalonia’s logistics network can serve 400 million consumers in under 48 hours, while its geostrategic location enables efficient intercontinental connections with Asia and America as well as optimum distribution to Europe and Africa.

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*Financial Times fDi Magazine ranking

Mapa Catalunya

Catalonia in figures

Dades Catalunya

Dades Catalunya



The Catalan agri-food sector, driver o the Catalan economy

The agri-food sector generates €38.2 Bn turnover, equivalent to 16.28% of Catalonia’s GDP, and directly employs 164,372 people. This makes it the region’s largest sector of the economy.

It comprises 57,423 agricultural holdings, 3,922 food and drink industries, and 436 establishments in the agri-food auxiliary industry.

The meat sector is the largest processed food sub-sector representing 32% of turnover volume, followed by fine food (30%), vegetable oils (9%), wine (7%), fruit and vegetables (4%), cereals and mill grain products (2%), and fish and seafood (1%).

The food and drink industry in Catalonia accounts for 23% of the sector turnover in Spain.


Infografia sector agroalimentari català

Infografia sector agroalimentari català