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WINES & CAVA BUSINESS FORUM is a business event with the participation of producers and producers of wine and cava from Catalonia, and importers and distributors from third countries, with the main objective of establishing commercial relations between Catalan wine and cava companies. and operators of guest markets.

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Wine culture, tradition and landscape are such an inherent part of Catalonia's history that it has become a symbol of our nation. The Greek and Roman civilisations brought vine-growing to the Mediterranean. Since then, vines, vineyards, wineries and wines have been part of our history. 

The Catalan wine sector has a very robust and competitive structure with over 600 bottling wineries, 8,359 winemakers, and 42,822 hectares of arable land with a Catalan DO

Most Catalan wine has a designation of origin. The current DOs are:Alella, Catalunya, Conca de Barberà, Costers del Segre, Empordà, Montsant, Penedès, Pla de Bages, Priorat, Tarragona i Terra Alta, as well as the DO Cava

The wine-making industry employs some 4,800 people, a figure that rises to 25,900 if we include the people who work in vineyards, wineries and the service sector. 

Infografia sector vi catalunya ENG

Infografia sector vi ENG


Vins Catalunya

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Mapa DO Catalunya

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Catalunya, best European region for the future*

The agri-food sector is the largest of the Catalan economy and one of the most dynamic export sectors. The volume and value of its exports are growing year after year.

Catalonia’s logistics network can serve 400 million consumers in under 48 hours, while its geostrategic location enables efficient intercontinental connections with Asia and America as well as optimum distribution to Europe and Africa.

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*Financial Times fDi Magazine ranking

Mapa Catalunya

Catalonia in figures

Dades Catalunya

Dades Catalunya



El sector agroalimentari català, motor de l'economia catalana

El sector agroalimentari genera un volum de negoci de 38.205 M€, xifra que equival al 16,28% del PIB de Catalunya i ocupa directament a 164.372 persones. Aquestes dades el converteixen en el primer sector econòmic del país.

L'integren 57.423 explotacions agràries, 3.922 indústries d'alimentació i begudes i 436 establiments de la indústria  auxiliar agroalimentària.

El sector carni és el primer subsector transformador amb el 32% del volum de negoci, seguit pel fine food (30%), els olis vegetals (9%), el vi (7%), les fruites i verdures (4%), els cereals i molineria (2%) i el peix i marisc (1%).

La indústria d'aliments i begudes catalana representa el 23% de la xifra de negoci del sector al conjunt de l'estat espanyol


Infografia sector agroalimentari català

Infografia sector agroalimentari català