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Catalan agro food cluster. How to open new markets?

Miquel A. TORRES Group Miguel Torres
Since Prodeca's foundation in 1986, we as a board of it, UVIPE in those days, were very pleased to participate in the initial stage.

Ramon Sarroca FCAC 
Prodeca for us, for cooperatives, is the indispensable tool for the internationalization of our products and our cooperative companies.

For a small cooperative like ours, the presence of a public company as Prodeca is basic, because it facilitates commercial activities to take part in in order to achieve new customers and open new markets to position our product.

Joan Gimbernat EASY FISH 
Prodeca helped us to contact suppliers and potential customers in China, the market we are naturally working with for 20 years and has allowed us to better understand how customers are doing distribution with Chinese and got in touch with them to find their counterparts here.

Ariadna Prats SANT ANIOL 
From the beginning we started to export regularly we found out the services offered by Prodeca and we truly believe that it has been a lot of help and probably the results we have today would not be the same without having collaborated with Prodeca, especially attending international exhibitions.

Josep Tejedo MERCABARNA 
Collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, particularly through Prodeca, is a case of collaborative success. There are many cases through which Prodeca helped Mercabarna companies to open markets, to have successful trade missions, and therefore it has become a major facilitator of trade within the food unit.
It has also been a key contributor and an important support to achieve the 2018 Congress of the world organization of wholesale markets and retailers.

Josep Lluís Trilla ACTEL 
For us it is a key tool that helps logistically and allows you to reach places and contacts that perhaps could not be reached by ourself.

We are a small company, what we do is a product of farm; farm oil and quality is our base. The obsession is quality; both for table olives and for oil.
The basis of our sales is export, our work is focused to exhibitions; all the contacts we have done come out from exhibitions and basically due to the collaboration with Prodeca.

We always attend international exhibitions and in some exhibitions where we are determined to go and sometimes Prodeca is not, we dragged them to go there too.

Rubén Valls CAL VALLS 
Prodeca got to the point to bet for organic market when this was a bit more mature. Since Prodeca exhibits at specific organic farming exhibitions we are participating with them.

Jordi Cubells MARESMAR 
Maresmar started to attend the exhibition in Brussels about 12 years ago and thanks to the organization of Prodeca it was easy to begin with our international adventures.

Viñas has already spent many years working on the halal issue. In fact we were one of the pioneer slaughterhouses to slaughter following this ritual, and we believe that with our experience in Saudi Arabia, it is a market to consider beforehand.
At the Meat Business Forum we already had initial contacts with these people, we are homologated, therefore it is a market we think we have much to do in.

Ahmad Ali AlDANUBE SUPERMARKETS (Saudi Arabia)
I'm Ahmad Ali, shopping manager of AlDanube. I attended the two Fruit Business Forums in Barcelona invited by Prodeca and we are already buying to several Catalan companies as Nufri, Tasty Catalan and Watermelon Catalonia.

We export to Canada, USA, to all Europe and thanks to Prodeca we had the opportunity to be the first Catalan company to export tangerines to China.

Josep Presseguer FRUITS DE PONENT
Prodeca for Fruits de Ponent is and has been an essential tool in order to continue with our export experience 

Mr. Heng Tang. Consul of China in Barcelona
Both sides are willing to build a bridge between Catalan and Chinese entrepreneurs, who are interested in seeking exchange and opportunity for collaboration and we are very happy because we can already see the positive results through our efforts

The agro food sector in Catalonia has made a qualitative important leap at all levels: at the level of raw materials and at the level of processes. This has resulted in a more differential product, a product that better meets consumers' needs and that allows opening all markets worldwide.