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Catalonia, first agrofood cluster in Europe

1. – Josep Antoni Valls. Alimentaria Exhibition

The Catalan agro food sector is one of the most important engines of the Catalan economy, representing 3% of GDP. For the Catalan economy it represents almost 17% of industrial GDP. This makes it one of the most important agro food clusters in Europe and possibly worldwide.

If we take this into account together with the extensive and rich culinary heritage we have, the cuisine moment, the excellent quality products we have, the industry strength itself, all this places us as a referent in the international framework, not only in the European one.

2. - Zengjun Ma - CAWA (China)

Barcelona is the Pearl of the Mediterranean; Catalonia is a very important agro food production area, one of the main in Europe, it produces all kind of food and drinks. These products have not only high-quality but also traceability and food security and, therefore, the have a high reputation.

3. - Domingo Valiente. Mediterranean Diet Foundation

Catalonia is currently present in more than 140 countries with a multitude of products. Perhaps we could emphasize with wine, meat products, also with olive oil, but above all what we should emphasize, I think, is the figure of the exporter: the entrepreneurs who have made the leap from being a local producer focused on the Spanish market and who have seen that the world is very large and can have a space for them.

4. - Manuel Galán. Port of Barcelona

Today we are in an increasingly global market and the agro food sector has not been an exception. In this sense, the Port of Barcelona, as one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean, has found a strategic partner with Prodeca.

5. - Manel Simon. AFRUCAT

Catalonia is a major producer and fruit exporter region. Specifically in Catalonia we produce around one million tonnes of fruit (...) Of this million tonnes we produce we export about 75% to the rest of Europe, South Africa, South America, the Middle East, now trying to take possession and conquest of Asia. Therefore, for us both export become very important.

6. - Josep Lluís Bonet. Freixenet

The country depends on international expansion and adaptation to globalization and therefore any effort, any support given to the work of companies to locate in the world, is welcome.