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Meat consumption in Switzerland

Despite a shift towards poultry consumption, red meat still represents the largest proportion of meat consumed in Switzerland. Studies have shown that a high level of meat consumption correlates with higher rates of cardiovascular diseases as well as colorectal cancer. As a result, increasing numbers of Swiss consumers have turned to poultry as it is seen as a healthier alternative to red meat, and fish which is believed to be a healthier alternative to meat altogether.

The processed meat and seafood industry is in the hands of Switzerland's two largest retailers Migros and Coop, which together account for a 76% value share in 2016. Both companies lead a three-tier price strategy with economy, mid-priced and premium products thus targeting the whole spectrum of consumers. Their extensive distribution networks of more than 1,300 supermarkets and the possibility to retail their own-label brands gives them an undisputable competitive advantage.

Over the forecast period, the health and wellness trend is expected to continue exerting its influence on processed meat and seafood. Manufacturers that are able to promote their products as part of a healthy lifestyle are therefore expected to be the winners. A greater number of organic and sustainably produced processed meat and seafood products will likely be available on shelves, which reflects the efforts of manufacturers in their attempts to capitalise on consumer willingness to purchase these products despite the premium price.
Source: Euromonitor