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Esther Gomis. Ca Rosset: "We are farmers"

We spoke to Esther Gomis from Ca Rosset.

(F&B) How did Ca Rosset start? Tell us about the project.

(EG) At Ca Rosset we are farmers; we have been our whole lives.  At one point in my life I left the fields to study chemistry. I worked in industry and also at a winery but after a while I wanted to go back to my roots, to be a farmer. Farmers struggle to make a living from their products and we wanted to take that step and market our goods.  We produce nuts and Arbequina olives. The nuts we cultivate are hazelnuts and almonds; we roast, package and sell them. With the Arbequina olives we make extra virgin olive oil, pickled olives and olive paté.

(F&B) You found a buyer in Denmark through Prodeca's virtual trade fair. How did that go?

(EG) It was a happy day. We got a call from Denmark saying that they had found us on the Prodeca Virtual Trade Fair and they liked the type of product we sell. We sent some samples, they liked them, and now you can find Ca Rosset products in Denmark.

(F&B) You took part in the 'Welcome to the Farm' event, right? What did you make of it?

Very good; a success. It enabled us to show all interested visitors where our products come from. We're doing it again this year. It was a positive experience both for the visitors and for us.