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Falling prices for garlic in Northeastern China

Recently, large volumes of new garlic, originating from Yunnan province and other southern regions, have entered the market. Because of their relatively low price, the price for garlic overall has been driven down. The golden era for garlic is coming to an end. 

For several days, in several large-scale supermarkets and vegetable markets in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province and other Northeastern regions, the newly arrived Yunnan purple-peeled garlic has been selling for nearly 1,62 EUR (12 RMB) per kilogram. In wholesale markets, the price is between 1.08 EUR and 1.35 EUR (8 RMB - 10 RMB) per kilogram.

The market price has fallen to approximately 2.15 EUR (16 RMB) per kilogram which is approximately 0.54 EUR (4RMB) lower than the last period. Because of the increase in the price of garlic in 2016, the plantations in Shandong province, Hebei province, Henan province and other regions have expanded this year. It is estimated that the gross output of garlic this year will be approximately 20% higher than last year, which will eventually cause the price of garlic to fall.
Source: Fresh Plaza