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Interview with Maria Trias. Sales/Export Manager. GALETES TRIAS.

(F&B) The company began life over a hundred years ago (1908) as a small bakery and is now a major exporter, so it has come a long way.  What's the secret to staying in business for so long? 

(MT) In 1908 Joaquim Trias started making biscuits in Santa Coloma de Farners, specialising in top quality almond biscuits. Today the company is still firmly committed to staying true to the original recipe. 
In 1976 a new factory was built and the production process was industrialised, maintaining the same quality. Until then only five types of biscuits had been made. With the inclusion of new ingredients, the range was extended to our current 40 varieties.
Thanks to constant innovation and improved packaging processes, we were able to increase the shelf life of our boxes of biscuits to 12 months, which gave us access to international markets. 
The third and fourth generations are currently leading the company.

(F&B)Do you think that striving for excellence and making only natural products without additives are factors in Galetes Trias' success? 

(MT) Yes, but not the only ones - there aren't many biscuits free from conservatives or additives.  There are other factors like the quality of the raw products, selecting suppliers, well-presented boxes, and excellent service.
Our biscuits stand out for their quality, flavour, texture and aroma.

(FB) Your product is traditionally associated with desserts, but you also have savoury combination suggestions such as your tuile biscuits with cod brandade or quail eggs.  Are you breaking new ground?

(MT) People want to have innovative experiences and we've brought in a new way of enjoying our biscuits. There are several combinations that combine the sweetness of biscuits like tuiles, fans and coconut biscuits, with ingredients such as salmon, foie gras or anchovies and cod brandade.

(F&B)You export to some 14 countries. Are you exploring any new markets? 

(MT) Making the company international is also a priority. We are increasingly expanding our markets and operating in more countries. This year we had a very important operation in the US.
We also started exporting to Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Hungary, although the markets where we are selling most are in Asia.
Exporting allows us both to diversify our markets and not to be so seasonal.