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#CatalanFood, an alliance of chefs and specialities to show the strength of Catalan food and agriculture to the world

This video, which will be broadcast internationally through Prodeca -- the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture's agriculture and food export promotion agency -- features some of Catalonia's best-known chefs such as Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda, Joan Roca and Paco Pérez

The Government of Catalonia's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, through Prodeca, has produced a video designed to highlight the virtues of the Catalan countryside and its produce, in the words of those who best represent it – the chefs who work with it. Altogether accounting for 26 Michelin stars, each of the 13 celebrities involved is associated with one Catalan food product they talk about in individual 1-minute videos and one joint 5-minute version which outlines the excellence of some of Catalonia's best-liked and most-exported foods.

Carles Gaig (Gaig*, Barcelona), for whom the Catalan countryside "is a small continent, with a wealth of different landscapes", talks about beef and poultry; Eduard Xatruch(Compartir, Cadaqués, and Disfrutar**, Barcelona) discusses the merits of olive oil "which has marked our culture and whose character is a surprise to foreigners"; Joan and Pitu Roca (El Celler de Can Roca***, Girona) praise lamb and wines, respectively; Jordi Cruz (ABaC***, Barcelona) highlights the joint work that "we, chefs and growers, carry out, for instance with fruit"; seven-Michelin-starred Carme Ruscalleda talks about legumes and ganxet beans, "our white caviar"; and Sergio and Javier Torres (Dos Cielos**, Barcelona) comment on the outstanding variety of cheeses found throughout Catalonia. In a eulogy to "the unquestionable pleasure of enjoying a drink and a few mussels by the beach", five-Michelin-starredPaco Pérez (Miramar**, Llançà) tells us about fish; Fina Puigdevall(Les Cols**, Olot) praises the virtues of the climate "perfect for the final drying of our amazing cured pork products"; Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany*, Calldetenes) focuses on local pork; while pastry chef Christian Escribà reviews our traditions and the use of chocolate in "cakes, ice cream, chocolates and countless more desserts".

El Bulli, which held the top spot in The World's 50 Best Restaurants list five years running, will also be participating in #CatalanFood. Its sommelier, Ferran Centelles, now at elBullifoundation, highlights the versatility of Catalan cava, and its chef, Ferran Adrià, boils everything down to an ode to pa amb tomàquet("tomato toast"), "the dish that best represents Catalonia's gastronomy. It is basic yet extraordinary, straightforward and complex at the same time. Every Catalan has their own version. It's magical".

#CatalanFood is part of the Gastronomy Plan for Catalonia aimed at the industry's international development and raising the profile of Catalan food products abroad, particularly in terms of quality. The video will be shown at international trade fairs, trade missions and other events related to the globalisation of Catalan agriculture and food products and companies.