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We also give customers detailed information about our produce when they come to buy. For instance, we sell nuts according to variety. Although most customers know what hazelnuts are, they may not be aware of the differing varieties and the organoleptic characteristics, textures and physical properties of each. We sell them individually to give customers the chance to appreciate these differences for themselves.

All of our products carry a label stating the year of harvest. We sell only fresh produce that has a minimum risk of rancidification.

We are part of the Regional Government of Catalonia scheme enabling farmers to sell directly to consumers.

List of products

Extra virgin olive oil (500ml, 250ml and 40ml)

Extra virgin olive oil made only with Arbequina olives grown in Camp de Tarragona. The oil is packaged in dark glass bottles to avoid direct contact with light, which would accelerate the oil oxidation process. In addition, our bottles have a special non-drip nozzle with controlled pouring so that they can be used directly as dispensers.

Aromatic olive oil (250ml)

The aromas that best suit our oil are black olives and herbs de Provence.

This is an extra virgin olive oil that undergoes a process to add aromas. Various herbs are then added to the bottled oil.

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