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Celler Masroig

The bond to the landscape is what makes the difference between loving or just making wine. Celler Masroig's authentic, traditional environment is a dry climate that is warm in summer and cold in winter. It rains little and the Mestral and Garbí winds occasionally make themselves noticed in the Priorat region, leaving behind red skies that create our sunsets.

The Celler Masroig team seeks to share the feelings that make us so fully committed to our land. We have always had an emotional bond with it that is reflected in our pride in our work.
List of products:

  1. High quality still wine from DO Montsant:
    -  Solà Fred
    -  Pinyeres
    -  Ferest
    -  Les Sorts
    -  Rojalet
  2. 100% Arbequina Extra virgin olive oil PDO Siurana:
    -  Les Sorts

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