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Costers del Sió

We use a wide range of varieties: Tempranillo, Garnacha. Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Musact Petit Grain, Macabeu, Viognier... we also experiment with new varieties and clones that will produce future wines.

We work, test and study the behaviour of the vine to obtain high quality grapes. Our philosophy is that a great wine begins in the vineyard and we must give its due care.

The winery is equipped with the latest technology, which allows us to work each batch of grapes individually to get the best of each wine.

We also have a Micro-Winemaking Room where we carry out RD tests in our quest for continuous improvements.

The barrels room was built underground to respect integration with the landscape and to isolate it from the region's temperatures. It contains 300-litre barrels, mostly made of French oak, of differing cooperages, origins and toasts. This allows us to choose the right ageing profile for each type of wine.

Afterwards, in the bottle rack room, the wine will undergo its ageing process.

All of the wines of Costers del Sió belong to the Designation of Origin Costers del Segre.

Our wines are modern. We make fresh, aromatic white wines with well integrated acidity. We make red wines that combine fruit with various levels of ageing in the barrel, in pursuit of complexity and balance.

Everyone who is involved in this project works keenly every day to make wines of the utmost quality that preserve the essence of our land and express their own personality.


  1. Petit Siós white
  2. Petit Sós red
  3. Siós Pla del Lladoner
  4. Siós Les Creus
  5. Siós Cau del gat
  6. Alto Siós
  7. Finca Siós
  8. Siós Brut Rosé
  9. Selves Brut Blanc de Noirs

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