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Sant Dalmai SA

Spain is the world's fourth largest producer of pork meat, and 80% of the slaughterhouses are located less than 100 km from our production plant. This ensures that fresh, high quality raw meat can be supplied daily.

Sant Dalmai S.A. is constantly evolving and continuously improves its products and processes in order to adapt to change and achieve excellence.

We are specialists in the development of meat products that meet the needs of our customers. We know that every project is unique, and we put all our tools (staff, facilities, experience, etc.) at the complete disposal of the customer.

We are committed to an agile cooperation in order to obtain reliable results in the shortest timeframe possible. We work with our own allergen-free recipes and the best cuts of meat (pork, poultry, beef, etc.) that can be sold in a range of formats.


  1. Reserva 1964 Cooked Ham 
  2. Tradition Shoulder
  3. Sandwich Shoulder
  4. Sant Dalmai Cooked Bacon 
  5. Reserva 1964 Turkey Breast
  6. Sant Dalmai Turkey Breast
  7. Turkey Breast with herbs
  8. Sant Dalmai Turkey Ham
  9.  Tradition Chicken breast
  10. Truffle turkey with pistachios
  11.  Turkey mortadella with olives
  12. 1964 Oro mortadella
  13.  Sicilian mortadella
  14. Sicilian mortadella with olives
  15. Chopped porc Pic
  16. Beef Pastrami

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