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Fresh Gold Quality, SL

Fresh Gold Quality, SL

Pac Fruit & Fresh Gold Quality is a family company of producers that provides a supply of stone fruit, persimmons, pome fruit and citrus fruit, both in conventional packaging and specific to its customers' needs.

Pac Fruit & Fresh Gold Quality provides added value to its customers in five specific areas:

  1. handling, control and supply of fresh produce for 52 weeks
  2. certified in good field practice, warehouse, quality control and Food safety
  3. professionalism in both field product and warehouse management
  4. investment and innovation (product and packaging) - varieties, breeders and nurseries
  5. excellent customer satisfaction
The primary objective of Pac Fruit & Fresh Gold Quality is investing in production and product packaging at the source, ensuring a more efficient supply chain, maximising the return to the producer, competitive retail prices, and the freshest products for the final consumer. The vision we share at Pac Fruit & Fresh Gold Quality is continuously improving our customer satisfaction, by supplying fresh, consistent produce. This plan is underpinned by investment, innovation and professionalism.

Product: apple, pear, peach, nectarine, orange, mandarin / clementine, cherry, plum, others

Percentage of exports: >60%
Countries we export to:  UK, Germany, Algeria, Russia, France, etc.
Certifications: BCR, GlobalGAP, IFS, CICC, Kiwa, Sedex, Food Chain Partnership, Nurture, Produccions Agraris de Camp

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Fresh Gold Quality, SL
Maria Campodarbe Vidal

Carretera de Serós, s/n
E-25182 AITONA (Segrià)
T. +34 973 794 512
M. 609215320